Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roll 5 & 6: Fourth of July in Pawley's Island, SC

I spent the Fourth of July weekend in Pawley's Island, SC with some friends. Of course they have a parade, and that's where I took most of the shots. Most parades bore me, but theirs diverges from the norm. The requirements to be in the parade are few: show up early enough and get in line. I saw some repeats from last year's parade, and some new ones. It gets quite political at times, but mostly consists of holiday revelers enjoying celebrating the day.

The "dead end band" had multiplied since last year, equipped with a quad and mostly pots and pans. They started their own mini-parade once the official one had concluded. Our group joined in with them as they paraded down the street and then onto the beach. The observers really got a kick out of the band, and some were amused that I was taking photos of them from the parade; some of them, not so much.



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