Monday, November 23, 2009

Still backlogged...

Well, I'm still backlogged on developing film. Though I have slowed down, I do have about 10+ rolls waiting to be developed. I lost focus for a bit, but things are beginning to pick back up. The enlarger is up and I've been making prints from the first six rolls. Things are looking pretty good; I'm quite pleased with a number of the shots I've gotten. Rules have been broken; I snuck in a roll from an SLR, I have a new camera I've been shooting, the Bronica RF, and I have a 35mm lens on the Bessa. If there's one thing I lack it is commitment to not make changes.

I've been printing these about 6"x9" on 8x10 paper and I like it. I need to get a Beseler neg carrier for 645 to keep the new negs I've been getting about the same format. (Hey if you have one you need to get rid of ...)

So, here are some prints from the first few contact sheets.

print006 copy

print007 copy

print008 copy

print009 copy

print010 copy

print011 copy

print012 copy

print013 copy