Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been out of town for what seems like several weeks. Now that I'm back I just keep putting off developing the 5 rolls I have waiting. Plus I had to take down my darkroom since I will have a guest for the week, so it would take some doing to get it all set back up.

On another note, I'm losing a little steam on this project. I'm not sure what to shoot, and I find I keep going to the same places. I'm not surprised this has happened, but I need to figure something out to keep the project rolling.


  1. On the contrary. Study your contacts and figure out exactly what you want to capture in those places. Then go again. And again, until you are sure you nailed it.

  2. ha ha you got a bit of catching up to do! Just kidding I have neglected my blog til now. Guess I got burnt out....happens!

  3. I think you're right on Julio. Thank you.

  4. Nice photos Jason. I have a Beseler 45 enlarger. Not sure what size yours is. Will look and see if I have a 6x4.5 neg carrier.

    I'm where you're at. Keep going back to the same spots to take the same photos, only w/ different cameras. Not sure what that's about. Need to take a trip or go somewhere new to kick start the juices. Otherwise I'll just end up taking more photos of the wife and cats.