Monday, July 6, 2009

Roll 2: New Hope, PA & Transformers pre-movie

New Hope, PA marked the second, and final, location on my NJ trip. According to some, it's a place where the whole world unites. Everybody just seems to get along. Perhaps I didn't spend enough time, but I wasn't aware of any special universal kindness there. It was a nice town with plenty to see, and nobody was mean or rude ... so, maybe he's right. There's lots of neat shops, a cigar store with someone who knows the flavors of his cigars, and a great book store.

I'm not sure if the guy in the cigar store was the owner, manager, employee, or something else, but he was a blast to listen to. He could carry on a conversation by himself probably for hours and you wouldn't mind listening to the whole thing (or I wouldn't). He also came into the humidor while we were looking around to provide an excellent description of all of his cigars. I don't exactly frequent cigar shops often, but this is definitely the first one where I have received a good description about the flavors of the product. Mostly I have found middle aged gentlemen that are pleasant to have a conversation with that tell me nothing about their cigars. If I hadn't been planning on buying something, I would have had to after all of his efforts! As it was, on his recommendation and description, I decided on a Tatuaje. His description was right on; it was probably the best cigar I've ever had.

There's also a book store there the standard of which all bookstores should aspire. They had lots of unique selections and the layout made the place feel slightly mysterious and a little disheveled, both qualities I greatly enjoy about good bookstores.

The roll finished off back in Greensboro, NC, my trip having ended, and I having returned home. I went out to get some food with friends prior to seeing Transformers II. I highly recommend it. Not quite as complex character-wise, but a highly enjoyable movie. Sorry, no pictures from the theater.


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