Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am ALMOST caught up with developing and printing. It seems with this work flow that there is always something waiting to be done. Now that my D76 has been used up, it's back to stockpiling exposed rolls for a bit.

It is interesting how my tastes keep evolving. I started using an incident meter to determine exposure for my Canon P, since it doesn't have a meter. I ended up with some thicker than usual negatives, so I'm guessing the shutter speeds are a bit slow. I really like the prints I've been getting from these negs, though. They have better tonality and detail in the shadows. Only they need to be developed for longer. I've been printing at grade 4 to get a full range print. It was overcast that days, but I'd prefer to be printing at grade 3 for these so I don't have to double my print exposures.

I've also thrown in some shots from my relatively new Olympus XA2. The zone focus made me a bit wary at first, but that first roll through turned out great! I can't seem to keep the same gear for a full year! I've sold the Bessa R and Jupiter 8 I started the project with and have moved on to a Canon P with a 35mm 1.8 Canon lens, paired with the Olympus. Once this project finishes out, I figure that I'll have a much better mastery of my film and developer, and so use the Bronica RF that I picked up in the fall as my main camera.

Ok, enough talk. Here are the photos.












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